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Life Transitions Portland





I work with adults facing both normal and unwanted transitions. 


All life transitions have a similar pattern.  -- The first stage is the difficult emotions that come with loss. The next,-- is tapping your strengths, and then reassessing.  -- The final stage is rebuilding to create the life you want in the new circumstance. 


I believe all clients have strengths and resources that can be marshaled during difficult times.  My style is nonjudgmental and guiding, providing a safe place to explore your feelings and concerns.  - In my personal and professional life, I have seen that life’s challenges bring opportunities to reassess, develop deeper insights, and grow in new directions. 


If we work together, you will find our work is rooted in your goals –-- what you want to achieve, what you would like to be different.  -- We will return to your goals throughout our work to assess your progress.  Tapping your strengths, I’ll bring strategies and tools that have proved helpful to people with similar concerns.  


My clients learn to manage difficult emotions, navigate new landscapes, and build confidence to pursue their goals.


For 12 years I worked as an Employee Assistance Counselor helping adults facing major life events such as; break up / divorce, work issues, relationship / family conflict, illness, death of loved one, relocation, and many other stressors.  -- I have also worked as a counselor for community agencies and a state health department.


In 2004 I earned my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College.  I continually further my education by participating in seminars and trainings and seeking consultation.

  • Mindfulness Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Anxiety Counseling

  • Depression Counseling

  • Life Transitions (for example but not limited to: breakup, divorce, illness, change in employment, empty nest)

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Stress Management Strategies


Some of the challenges I’ve been dealt have given me insight and empathy about the struggles my clients face.  For the better part of 2014 I battled breast cancer and then as I returned to health my spouse faced his own health crisis.  I have relocated cross country for my spouse’s job, experienced my only child leaving home to move cross country himself, changed careers in midlife, and grieved the loss of both parents.


I discovered the coping strategies that work for me and I will help you develop what works for you.  Change brings resistance and emotional upheaval. Even if sticking with my self-care routine is not always easy, feeling it start to work motivates me to keep it going.  I've found the key to success is one small step at a time. 

Happy Couple
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