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I work with a wide range of transitions including, but not limited to, these issues:

You may be experiencing:

  • Difficulty accepting loss or a major shift in a meaningful relationship

  • Grief over loss of companionship, lifestyle, dreams for future

  • Sense of failure or shame, anger, and depression


Together we will move through the difficult emotions and begin restructuring your life.

I will help you:

  • Gain deeper understanding of what went wrong 

  • Integrate self-care rituals and healthy habits

  • Connect with trusted support people

  • Restore your sense of identity

  • Look forward to a future of possibilities

  • Be open to new relationships and love


You may be experiencing:

  • Grief or depression over what you left behind

  • Loneliness, having difficulty meeting potential friends

  • Fear you will never feel at home


I moved cross country for a job opportunity for my spouse.  I understand what it is like trying to build a new life while living with the tumultuous emotions that come with leaving the familiar and going towards the unknown.


I will help you:

  • Find ways to stay connected with old friends and integrate some of the comforts of your former life

  • Find new, unexpected opportunities 

  • Develop new social avenues and prospects

  • Build a life of adventure 


You may be experiencing:

  • Grief over loss of your health

  • Struggle with shifting identity, limitations as a result of your illness

  • Changes in your relationships

  • Fear about your future


I as well as my family members have transitioned through major illnesses.  This gives me the empathy and the survival tactics to help you through this difficult terrain.



You will:

  • Strengthen your support system

  • Have compassion for yourself no matter what the future brings

  • Create a life not dominated by illness

  • Integrate illness into a life with as much wellness as you can


You may be experiencing:

  • Grief over loss of identity associated with work

  • Loss of routine and relationships

  • Anxious about what’s next

  • Fear that your contribution was not valued

  • Stress in your relationship as a result of the shift


I have personally experienced the challenge of remaking my life at various stages including a complete mid-life career change.  I can guide you to tap your life experience and move in a more fulfilling direction


I will help you:

  • Make decisions from a place of deep reflective values

  • Prioritize your values -- roles of income generation/health/hobbies/social life

  • Plan for health and wellbeing

  • Build your new sense of identity


You may be experiencing:

  • Missing being needed, being more involved in your child’s life

  • Loss of identity post-parenting

  • Difficulty allowing adult children to make their own mistakes

  • Feeling responsible if your child is unhappy or struggling

  • Conflict over finances and boundaries



As a mother with an empty nest, I have experienced the sadness and loss, the challenge of making adjustments in my relationship with my child, and the satisfaction of growing our friendship as adults. I can help you move through this process.


You will:

  • Adjust to your new living situation

  • Recognize advantages of your post-parenting life

  • Transition from child-rearing to consultant and support person for your child

  • Discover a future with “you-focused” opportunities

  • Grow your relationship with your child

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